The Benefits of Door Hanger Marketing

There are those who say that the door hanger marketing will replace the older flyer marketing method. Maybe it is because door hangers have not been used as long as flyers that their novelty attracts people. One thing is for sure, the use of door hangers has been increasing. Whether they will prove to be more effective than flyers or posters remains to be seen. Their continued use is dependent on efficiency in information dissemination and economic viability. In every marketing strategy there are bound to be advantages and disadvantages.


1. Novel/alternative advertising.

This is a definite advantage. The mere fact that it is new will interest people. It works on the first level of advertising - getting people to notice. By their very nature, door hangers are hung on doorknobs. Every time you enter a closed room, you have to turn the doorknob where the door hangers are and inevitably spot them. They are almost literally what you might call door to door advertising. Because of their relative newness, door hangers are an alternative form of advertising. They are not direct mail, posters, or flyers, and they are making people more curious about them.

2. Cheap to make and easy to distribute.

Their design should not be elaborate because of their small size, so you do not have to pay the designer much. You do not even need to hire a professional company to do door hanger distribution. Since they advertise mostly local products or services, distribution is quite simple and easy. You and your staff could hang them on doorknobs, or you could buy a few kids some pizza and have them do it for you. That is as close as you can get to free doorhanger delivery.

3. Multiple exposures pretty high.

The potential of having more people read the door hangers’ message is high. A person who first comes across a door hanger may bring it with him inside the room where others can see it too. It might be left at the door and still others can see it there and read the message. This is possible because door hangers have not developed the reputation of being junk mail.

As to the disadvantages, they are very few in comparison to the advantages.

1. Limited area coverage.

Door hangers are purely local in scope. Being a specialized local form of advertising has its convenience, but if you need to spread the word to a much bigger area and more people, a door hanger is not the way to do it. You can but it will mean extremely labor-intensive work and will be way too expensive to be practical.



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